2 steps to start an online bakery business with Gustasi

2 steps to start an online bakery business with Gustasi

# Online Bakery Business

Baking is an art. An art with innumerable combos, coming in various sizes, shapes & flavours. Setting up a bakery is every baker’s dream. You may be ready with your specialty, style & a cute little setup. But finding the right place & funding are mammoth tasks.

Finding the right place :
Online Bakery Business is not as simple as it sounds. Narrowing down the location, setting the ambiance, display of eye-catching samples, furniture, staff & their training.
Funding :
This is reality. Starting a bakery can be expensive and, in many cases, the running business does not align with the paperwork.

To top these two steps is marketing.
Make the move on to cloud. Only two steps.

  1. Set up your Chefstore –
    Logon to www.gustasi.com >> fill the basic form to login >> set up your online Chefstore >> publish. You are on the Gustasi cloud kitchen.
  2. Download Marketing kit –
    Gustasi gives you this amazing unique feature of a marketing kit. This makes your life so easy. You just need to take a printout of your menu or you can download it as an image and share it in your whatsapp groups, facebook & other social media pages.
    For more information on the marketing kit read our blog.

Signup at gustasi.com & Follow our guide to start creating your own online Chefstore !

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