About us

Gustasi is a vision. A goal for our founders. Food is one of the basic needs for a human being. It’s a connection. It’s about people in our lives. Our interactions. It’s family, friends and oscillates between surviving and thriving. We want the world to thrive. 

Yogis believe that food we eat can increase prana (vital energy) in the body or it can drain prana from the body. “Food reveals our connection with the Earth.  Each bite contains the life of the sun and the earth.” – Thich Nhat Hanh, Buddhist monk and mindfulness teacher.

Food & travel was what brought Anush & Anoop together while living in Canada. They have done a lot of travel across the globe together & have also traversed the remote villages in Canada. During one of their adventurous travels they reached a nearby village pretty late at night. The route they had chosen was a dirt trail & it took them longer than usual to reach. They had not planned for food & they place they stayed could not offer them food at the wee hours. There found no restaurants open. They were tired, hungry & to top it, Anush is a vegan. They found a local home-cook in the middle of the night. “Trust me, the food was delicious & the best part is, we could customize it. It was not just about having the local food, it was the rich experience of the taste, the flavour, the freshness and the authenticity.” Says Anush.

That’s when we decided to bring this down as an idea. “Cultural & authentic food from home kitchens” There are millions of home cooks who can bestow the best. There are so many ‘chefs-to-be’ who have that magical touch and are waiting for opportunities. On the other hand, we have people who are living away from homes who depend on food from outside. There are lot of people would need customized food. Many chefs would love to offer dine & takeaway services from ther home kitchens.

Gustasi- An Online chef services platform is a self-managed chef business application for food makers to start their own business from their kitchens. Gustasi gives the first-mover advantage to Certified Chefs, Home Cooks, Nutrionists, Bakers, Nutritionists & Culinary students. It is an exclusive platform to connect foodies in their neighborhood. We have Chefs from Kashmir, Assam, Maharashtra, UP, Chennai, Karnataka..etc. We are pretty excited with the cultural exchange our endevour can bring in.
“Having the regional delicacies without having to travel that far..” Says Anoop Reddy.

As of now we have 1100+ chefs/Cooks across India. The app has been designed with extremely user friendly UI & UX.

Gustasi is a dream come true! Not just for us – but for so many out there! Eat well~Love yourself.