Benefits of having QR Code Menu

Benefits of having QR Code Menu

Whether it is a food startup or an existing outlet, small/large they cannot be ignored. We are sure must be prepared with all the measures throughout the whole process.

Take a quick look at the whole range of benefits when you add the Gustasi QR code digital menu to your safety measures.

Give your diners extra safety during pandemic times.

* No need to print Menu cards. You save on your printing costs.
* Add attractive images of your dishes on your QR menu & change them regularly.
* Any number of orders and reorders without staff reaching out to the guest.
* Simple and easy-to-use interface.
* Make changes in the menu and update instantly.
* No download of any app required. When the guest scans the QR Code a link pops up on the browser
* Ordering process is very simple. The guest: Scans. Places Order. Pays.
* Receive orders on the go from anywhere in your hotel via a mobile app – Lobby,  Swimming Pool, Rooms, Roof Garden, Restaurants, etc

* Say goodbye to third-party platform fees with Gustasi’s Chefstore online order management at zero commission!
* Up to 999 QR codes generation for an organization
* Unlimited scans
* Premium Support

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is taking its course. The virus still survives with physical touch of surfaces, etc.  This puts food business establishments such as restaurants on the spot as most of the surface is shared by different people every day. While cleaning and disinfecting tables and bars are a good start, there is still one thing that people need and share; menus. So how can you eliminate the sharing of physical menus between customers? The answer is simple, replace the menu with a QR Code!

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