CLOUD KITCHEN – The future in food business

CLOUD KITCHEN – The future in food business

The hottest discussion brewing now is ‘the’ big shift to Cloud Kitchen. It comes with a gamut of advantages like, low set up costs which means less investment on real estate (space), savings on overheads, delivery only model & leaves the option for unlimited expansion.

There are various models – here is a glance: 

  1. The independent cloud kitchen model – Single brand, single kitchen, no storefront.
  2. The Rebel foods (Faasos) business model – Multi-brand (cuisine), single kitchen, multiple outlets, no storefront.
  3. The Freshmenu business model – Single brand, single kitchen, multiple outlets, with a storefront.
  4. The Swiggy Access business model – Aggregator owned, multi (restaurant) brand, rented co-working kitchens, no storefront.
  5. The Zomato Infrastructure Services business model – Aggregator owned, multi-restaurant brand, rented kitchens, with a storefront.
  6. The Kitopi business model – Cooking and delivery fully outsourced

Gustasi – An aggregator with an aim to bring together home kitchens & foodies. We have more than 800 kitchens signed up with Gustasi across India as we speak.  


Come on board & start earning right away! Move on to the cloud.

Team Gustasi.


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