Every Chef has a dream – Build it on Gustasi

Every Chef has a dream – Build it on Gustasi


Every Chef has a dream – Build it on Gustasi

Become an entreprneur NOW! Move your idea to Cloud Kitchen.

As a certified chef, your hunger to experiment with new varieties never dies & so is your fervor to get as many people to have your food.

Every chef has a dream.  And we have the solution.

For the record google search throws “About 7,02,00,000 results in (0.71 seconds)” when you search the words “chef’s dream”. 90% of the chefs want to start a restaurant on their own. The challenges are many, but the highest common factor  is underestimating the capital required & next is understanding the market followed by management & menu.  These common problems are never-to-die & not surprisingly they affect all restaurants in various proportions irrespective of the size.

For the past 2 decades the world has been moving on to the World Wide Web. Considering the speed at which technology is overtaking the brick & mortar businesses, the food industry is not left behind.  Travis Kalanick, who was the CEO of Uber, is the founder or Cloud Kitchens. The cloud kitchen concept is the new way to go.

Moving on to cloud is extremely simple & economical. There are many varieties of cloud kitchens. You can read in our blog here.

Gustasi is a platform designed for chefs.  

The platform features :

  • Easy to use dashboard
  • Self business – order management
  • Self business – order management
  • Excellent customer & marketing support

So, what are you waiting for ? Let’s get started by Signing up as a Chef at Gustasi.

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