Flourishing home kitchens with Gustasi – Part 1

Flourishing home kitchens with Gustasi – Part 1

Into Cooking

Make a flourishing home kitchen business.
Opportunities for Chefs, Home Cooks, Bakers, Nutritionists & Culinary Students

‘Home style’ or ‘Home food’ or ‘Home flavour’  
Embracing Natural Flavours 
Irrespective of culture or trends, mother’s cooking is always prized over anything else. Your roots define your palette.

In changing times, though the exigencies of work travel, favoured globalization of the palate on one hand, on the other, deprived diners the flavours of home.  This has urged many cooks to go back to their roots & for quite some time chefs have been bringing their own culinary cultures to restaurant kitchens.  

‘Authentic’ happens only with the right ingredients. It is said that tomatoes taste different in the US compared to Europe.  For e.g. In India we have two types of tomatoes. One is the country tomato, the one which grows in your backyard & the other the hybrid variety. The authentic taste comes from using the country tomato. 

The best chefs regard cooking with seasonal produce the key to more flavourful meals. Handpicked ingredients for masalas have remained the secret of the palatable Indian cuisine for generations.

Then comes the process – grinding, chopping, sauté, etc. which come down from gramma’s traditions.

Emerging trends have made positive shifts in the market by creating entrepreneurial & extra income opportunities for kitchens from home. 

Technology intervention has evolved that space for a ‘delivery-only model segment’. This has opened ways for food business expansion sans investment for own dining space, facilitating business partnerships like delivery, etc.

Combining a hobby with a career for the person who enjoys cooking or baking has been a trend for the past few years. Just like other businesses, a home-based food business also needs planning.  The main aspect being your market. In the age where ordering out has become the main alternative to cooking at home, it is not hard to see that your market is all around you. YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD! Home cooked food is highly demanded. Spread your flavours!

Gustasi is the simplest solution to reach your neighbourhood. It comes with an easy to use dashboard to manage your kitchen business.  You do not need to worry about technology, maintenance, server space, website maintenance or even payments. We will help you with Marketing ideas as well! Make a flourishing home kitchen business.

What is more?

  • You decide the menu
  • Delivery terms & distance are set by you 
  • Service as per your convenience

Featuring www.gustasi.com as one of the best solutions for:

  1. Chefs – Time to reach your neighbours from your kitchen with your skills & specialties. 
  2. Home Cooks – Extend your services to every house in your neighbourhood. 
  3. Bakers – No need to look too far. Get busy within your neighbourhood.
  4. Nutritionists – Your specialized services are most sought after in your neighbourhood.
  5. Culinary students – Begin with your neighbourhood & your home kitchen. 

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