Gustasi Marketing Kit

Gustasi Marketing Kit
Gustasi Marketing Kit

Dear Gustasi Chef,

We at Gustasi are so excited to present to you a new and innovative feature designed just for you. 

Many chefs have come back to us asking for marketing support. We are pretty active on social media & our customer downloads have started to pick up gradually. Meanwhile, we have come up with this innovative feature to help you do your marketing in a very easy way. This is one of its kind services and comes to you absolutely free. Make the best use of it.

Heads up! Get ready. Here’s a quick peek.

3 Simple Steps & Your Chefstore is ready to be shared!

Step 1 – Marketing Kit (For your chefstore)

a. You can access this marketing kit from the as shown in the image above.

b. The URL of this page has been shared with you by Whatsapp – You can access it from there too.

Step 2 – Download

a. The download page gives you 3 options.

i. You can download the high-res image for printing on an A3 page so you can have a big poster.

ii. You can download the high res image for printing on an A4 page if you want to have a smaller size.

iii. Other than the 2 above, you can download it for social media sharing purposes. Please note that this image will not be suitable for print.

Here are ways to use this feature and market your chefstore.

1. Social Media

a. FB – Post your menu with your chefstore URL on your FB page. Tag your close friends & ask them to share on their walls. You can choose people of your locality & ask them to order from you through the app. They can download right away, create their profile & start ordering right away.

b. Instagram & Pinterest- If you do not have an account or not active on these sites, there is a solution. Either you can create a new page, take some time, get people to follow your activities by first adding some friends, or you can share the downloaded post to your friends & family and ask them to share it mentioning that you have a cloud kitchen and they can order through Gustasi.

c. WhatsApp – Nothing escapes WhatsApp these days. 4 out of 5 members of a family are on WhatsApp. And 3 out 5 belong to various groups. 2 out 5 belong to a few groups in your neighbourhood. And ultimately 1 out of the 5 will be active in all groups. Request them to help you circulate your post among all the groups nearby. 

Your social media is taken care of.

2. Posters & Flyers

a. Posters – You can download the high-res version of your chefstore & request any Kirana stores or chicken shops or small provision stores in your locality & paste is outside. You can also print flyers and share them in your building complex & request your neighbourhood building secretary to help you distribute them in their apartments. Some buildings allow posters to be stuck on the wall nearby the lift or some of them have announcement boards. 

Team Gustasi wishes you all the best for your self-marketing efforts. Please let us know the feedback so we can help you better.


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