Gustasi Women Empowerment Programme

Gustasi Women Empowerment Programme


Empowering Home Kitchens
Gustasi Women Empowerment Programme

We are a technology start up launching our app-based home cooked food delivery service with cloud kitchen facility.
The chief objective of this women empowerment programme is:

a. Create opportunity for people with talents
b. Self-reliance for many homemakers who wish to contribute to their family
c. Bringing local & authentic flavours back

While supporting them to become independent entrepreneurs, Gustasi creates opportunities for women who possess cooking skills, or have a passion for cooking but stay at home for various reasons.  For e.g. There are many women who wish to stay at home to take care of their children or some do not have the education or right talents to go out and work. In some cases family norms do not encourage them to go out and work but they like to do something for themselves. Some have financial constraints to start something on their own.

Gustasi is one answer for all of them. 

With an existing kitchen set up & a compact menu, it’s very easy to become an entrepreneur by earning through skill.

Gustasi as a platform gives the advantage of

a. Owning a business
b. Comfort of their home
c. Own brand identity
d. Own choice of working hours
…and more!

Through our empowerment programme, we envisage reaching as many kitchens, different SEC segments & help create revenue opportunities.

Female chefs/home cooks who enroll with this programme we annouce a 2% reduction in our commission.

For more information on the programme you can talk to us on +91 99996 98196.

Come on board & start earning right away!

Team Gustasi.

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