How it works

This page is exclusively dedicated to providing detailed information you will in the course of patronizing our services. We have carefully outlined the different categories below with corresponding explanations.

How It Works

Become a Chef/Home-cook
This can be done quickly within seconds by filling our user-friendly form. We have an onboarding process that is very simple. The Chef/Home-cooks create their Profile with Contact details, Information about, Working hours, Services, Conditions, Pickup address, Identification, Commercial information and Bank payout information.

If you are stuck somewhere, our sales team will contact you based on your contact timings and they will help you complete the signup process. To provide maximum security to our subscribers’ account, a phone number for validation is required, and that is aimed at ensuring that the rightful owner of each account will have exclusive access to it.

Profile Registration
To be enlisted on our firm, there is some essential credential that we need to get from our prospective subscribers. Such documents include but are not limited to: 

  1. Government identification cards or any other valid means of identification required for documentation purposes.
  2. Tax registrations and void cheque 
  3. A picture of the kitchen is needed to give a visual representation of the quality of the kitchen premises. This is a part of our standardization procedure.
  4. HACCP and a restaurant license is also required to evaluate the level of adherence to food safety and legal compliance of the prospective subscribers.

Since it is promising prompt delivery on your behalf, we would appreciate you as our partner to clearly mention achievable working hours which will be adhered to consistently. Please ensure that notifications are attended to promptly.

Creating Items
The recipe for every dish must be clearly indicated with a corresponding detailed description including ingredients and allergy information. This has been included to facilitate Vegans and Vegetarians…etc.

Publishing Items
Items that are not conspicuously displayed would undoubtedly suffer low patronage. To prevent poor awareness of varieties of assorted items being offered, every enlisted food item should be published.

Receiving and Accepting Orders
Please ensure that the status of the received order is clearly done immediately. Delay in accepting an order will delay delivery which is extremely critical in this business.

Preparation and Cooking
We would like you to clearly mention the delivery time of any particular dish which requires extra time in the description.

Delivery and Pickup  
The delivery & pickup depends on the choice of the chef/cook. Currently Gustasi does not provide delivery services, though they are lined up for a later date. However, there are some incentives for every successful delivery. It goes a long way to revalidate the confidence we have in partners and it also yields positive remarks from customers who order dishes from such partners.

The soul of every business endeavour lies in the perception of the clients because this forms the basis for the feedback received from customers. We show significant concerns to remarks from our customers. At Gustasi we have a routine process of reviewing customers’ feedback from service rendered by each partner.

Multicuisine & Fusion Menu
The percentage of individuals trying out new dishes is on the rise dramatically. We expect partners to be innovative in adding varieties of cuisines to their menu list. Intercontinental delicacies, traditional cuisines, and modern dishes will be welcomed. However, before any new dishes are added to the list of items, we reserve every right to verify and approve the dish & cuisine.
As a service platform with multi region partners and unlimited users we would insist on quality dishes, prompt delivery, and customer satisfaction. If you share the same line of thought as ours, welcome onboard!