How to Start a business from your kitchen ? | Opportunity for Home cooks !

How to Start a business from your kitchen ? | Opportunity for Home cooks !

Take your home kitchen online with Gustasi Cloud Kitchen in just 2 steps
# Home cooks

Home food – the most demanded item these days. If you have a flair for cooking and a little bit of your personal time there you go – you can start your cute little online kitchen immediately. In just 2 steps your business is ready.


If you are already in the business, you can extend your kitchen on to the Gustasi cloud kitchen platform in just 2 steps.

Ordering-in has become the in-thing these days. Yet home cooked food can never go out of fashion. You have a huge market out there in your immediate neighbourhood.

Your audience would be:

a. Working couples

b. Bachelors girls & boys who are working away from home

c. Families who want to have authentice or specialty food or meals made in a home kitchen

d. Health concious youngsters who want dabba food from made at at home

You can reach out to all of them by going though these 2 steps to be Home cooks on the Gustasi cloud kitchen platform.

Step 1 :

Sign up & Create your Chefstore – which is nothing but your Menu, your timings, your delivery & your payment terms.

Step 2 :

Market your store – with our Marketing Kit provided for your convenience. This is a great feature where you can take a print out of your menu & paste it across convenient stores or small kiranas in your neighbourhood. It also gives you an option to download as an image and share in your whatsapp groups & social media.

To more about this feature you can check our blog!

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