1. Gary Mehigan

The Masterchef Australia judge and celebrity restaurateur has expressed his love for Indian food several times. 
Chef has been quoted as saying “I’ve been to India quite a lot now, so yes, I’ve eaten a lot of street food.

I love all sorts of chaat including panipuri, sevpuri, pav bhaji and seekh kebab.

He is head over heels in love with the cuisine variety the country has to offer. The dal and curd curries from Rajasthan and the lighter Coconut curries from south and Biriyani and Parathas, nothing slips off his list.   I I love the tandoor, it’s fascinating. And I love Gujarati food because it’s all vegetarian. It’s beautiful and surprising and creative.

2. Chef George Calombaris:

“India is a beautiful country, and there’s so much care deep inside… that’s why I think there’s a lot of similarity between the cultures”

This Australian chef who has his roots in Greece, thinks ‘Vada is a savoury donut’. However, he drools over humble dosa with the side of coconut chutney for breakfast. “I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to India many times now and been presented with opportunities to taste many local specialties. So really, I can’t wait to get back to India”

I love what the Indian palate comprises of currently. From my experience in cooking in India, Indians like to experiment and are ready to explore new flavours and cooking styles.

Australians are really thankful to all the migrants in the country for bringing the varieties of spices in our food and recipes. It is a pleasure to cook for Indian food connoisseurs as they are receptive to innovation and love a unique blend of cuisines.

I particularly recall having a baked white sweet potato with a tamarind sauce in Old Delhi once. And, of course, I love raita, which reminds me of Greek tzatziki!

3. Chef Curtis Stone:

I love Indian food & it is now gaining popularity worldwide. I have cooked Indian food too, but to me authenticity is very important with regards to cuisine.

Preferring Indian cuisine over others, celebrity chef Curtis Stone, forever on the hunt for new recipes and cooking methods, has been touring India to gain expertise on the culinary variety in the country.

During his nine-day tour of the country, Stone travelled to Agra and Delhi, among other places. “A cuisine represents a culture and in India, the culture is so vast — so many languages, religions, geographic and climate conditions…these differ from place to place, so there is a lot for me to learn here and I am doing it perfectly.”

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