It gives us pleasure featuring CHEF RAASHIKA KULSHRESHTA in our MEET OUR GUSTASI CHAMPS blog series. She currently works for a restaurant in Noida & has also started her own venture called “Shubh Rasoi, where she does deliveries from her home kitchen.

Here are excerpts from the dialogue we had with her about her journey  this far.                      

– In her words –

‘LOVE FOR FOOD’   Specialty – Indian & Tandoor

“The Love I had/have for food cooking started from when I was just 4 years of age. My first dish was Aloo Paratha. Cooking never tires me. Instead it is a refresher.  Even during my board exams, my breaks from studying were cooking breaks.

I am really grateful to my parents as I strongly believe I have inherited the competence and flair for cooking from them. Maa & papa are extremely talented cooks. Actually 90% of the credit goes to my Dida (older sister). She has always been supportive of my decision. There was a time when my parents wanted me to be lawyer and go for IAS but I was rigid on my decision yet being very young and she always stood by me”

When the journey began!!

 Challenge  – Tandoor

“It is believed that Indian cuisine is a male dominated genre and I was advised by many  that I won’t be able to make it –  Standing in front of the Tandoor Oven for long hours aside, the biggest challenge for me was putting my hands inside the oven. I just could not get myself to do it!”

On special techniques…

“I have this love for spices  & I hand pick the ingredients for the masalas.. Somehow the market masalas were never a choice from the start”

Any signature dish as yet? 

“I still cannot say a big yes! I keep trying new things & one of them got recognised as well. I took part in a contest through Social Media. This was in 2014 & an event organised by Chef Vikas Khanna, where I introduced my new dish ‘Pasta Kheer’. This was selected as the “Most Innovative Dish Of The Year”

Your take on Gustasi!

Message for the new-comers!

“Yes I do…

My mentor/guru has told me 2 things.

a). I am where I am for a purpose & it’s because I am good.

b). Never stop learning!

These pieces are so imbibed in me. I never lose my confidence & am so open to learning something new everyday.  When I look back today, from the shy & quiet girl that I was, I see that I have always worked towards proving myself that I can make it happen.   

So my message would be that, just because one is good, it does not mean that one has achieved everything. One has to be humble & be open to criticism for  improvement.

There is never going to be a time where anyone for that matter knows it all!”

Thank you,


I have a dream to chase –

No one should sleep or go to bed on an empty stomach!!

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