Quick Byte From Shreshta :: Gustasi Chef

Quick Byte From Shreshta :: Gustasi Chef

Chef Shreshta’s Bio :

A Quick Byte From Shreshta . My name is shreshta Born and bought up in Hyderabad. I love cooking and love to learn to cook foods of different states and got successful also in many recipes. My husband is from Maharashtra but he never miss his native food as I m able to cook it. My main motive today is to bring out a huge change in food habits of Hyderabadis. They are not getting varieties now Where ever you go either online or outside to restaurants You will get the same menu Either it is Biryani or a veg meal When it comes to chat you will only get Pav bhaji , Panipuri, And so called patise So if I introduce this food to People will come to know that there are many healthy varieties and body friendly foods in India which they are not aware of.

Shreshta’s Uniqueness :

I love to use my own home made masalas in whole cooking procedure, due to which I am not happy with the masalas we get in the market will be containing preservatives which is not healthy and I avoid using low quality materials Because customers are trusting us we should fulfill and keep them happy.A Quick Byte From Shreshta


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