Who can use Digital Menu?

Who can use Digital Menu?

Gustasi QR Code Generator for Food Businesses.

A. Small & Big Restaurants

Restaurants are slowly getting back to business. Though masks are being worn, the menu has to be touched to check what is available. This could be a little too risky. The best option would be to migrate your menu to Gustasi Cloud and place the Digital QR Code Menu. Scan >> Order>> Pay.
Read the blog benefits of having a digital menu to understand how Gustasi works for your business.

B. Cloud Kitchens

Planning a cloud kitchen? Or already into it with limited features? Move on to Gustasi Cloud. It is so simple. Just create your Chefstore >> Share the QR code >> Receive orders & payments. It comes with numerous features.
Read more to understand how Gustasi works.

C. Home kitchens

Over 6000 home kitchens are running with their Chefstores on Gustasi.
When you run your own kitchen from home, it is just not about cooking, it is about the whole business. From procuring raw materials, to cooking, to packaging & logistics. How will Gustasi help you. Read our blog about the Gustasi Cloud Kitchen for more information.

D. Hotels

The best solution for hotels. Your guests can order food from anywhere in your hotel. From their rooms, lobbies, swimming pool etc. Read our blog on QR code to understand how it works.

E. Cafes

Cafes are small in size. It has its own advantages and disadvantages. While it helps more movement of people increasing business volumes, the place can get cramped. Moreover, if your items are so much in demand. The Gustasi QR code can be placed on all the tables, counters, and even outside so people do not have to come in to order for a takeaway.  Order>> Pay>> Takeaway. Read our blog on QR code to understand how it works.

Gustasi QR Code Generator

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